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Barcode Scanners

Varieties of Barcode Scanner available starting from Range 1500Rs. to 15000Rs.
Please go through this Blog Carefully which will Guide you for Which Barcode Scanner is Exactly Suitable for your Business.
There are few Questions for your Requirements to answer for choosing the right Scanner.
Q1 : Does your Store have average more than 10 Items to scan for Each Invoice?
Eg. Grocery Store, General Store, Gift Showroom, Garment Store
Ans. If Yes, go for any Table Top Scanner
Q2 : Does your Store have Products which requires to scan QR Code Images on your Product?
Ans. If Yes, go for any Scanner which can scan QR Code / 2D Barcode
Q3 : Your Store requires to Scan products on Desktop itself or you have to scan products barcode away from desktop? Eg. Battery Serial No. Scan Etc..,
Ans. If Yes, go for any Wireless Scanner, Which Scans the Code in Near by Premises and send data on Computer Cursor Location Immediately. Usually recomended for Near by scanning area. Dirrefent range Sacnner available.
Q4 : You have Small Retail with Low Budget, Not Much Rush in your Retail Store at the time of customer billing. 
Eg. Apperal Store, Small General Store Etc.,
Ans. if yes, then go for any 1D Hand Held Barcode Scanner with Wire Connectivity to your PC. Costs in range of Rs. 1800 to 3000 only.

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