Everycom EC-901 80mm | 3 Inches USB+LAN Interface Thermal POS Receipt Printer (AUTO Cutter, Black)

 Everycom EC-901 80mm | 3 Inches USB+LAN Interface Thermal POS Receipt Printer (AUTO Cutter, Black)
Manufacturer:‎‎Everycom Electronics ( Made in India)
Country of Origin:‎India
Model number:‎EC-901 80mm
Number of Memory Sticks:‎1
Special Feature:‎Auto cutter
Item Weight:‎1 kg 800 g
Product Dimensions:‎19.8 x 14.8 x 14.8 cm; 1.8 Kilograms
Item model number:‎EC-901 80mm
Item Height:‎14.8 Centimeters
Item Width:‎14.8 Centimeters
Connectivity Technology:‎USB+LAN Interface
Resolution:203 x 203 DPI
Included Components:Roll paper × 1 Roll ( For Checking The Initial Movement Of The Printer), CD-ROM (Drivers, Utility Software, Manuals), Paper Guide, Paper Bering, USB Cable Power Adapter Cable
Hardware Interface Type:‎USB

About this item
Printing Speed: Fast Print Out Of Receipts - Up To 160mm Per Seconds
Paper Load: Quick And Easy Media Changing - Drop-In Paper Loading
Low Space Requirement - Integrated Power Supply Enables Clean Work Station
Paper Width: Variable Paper Width - 58 & 80 MM
Easy Notification - Built-In Buzzer

Product Overview
The Everycom EC901 Is A Compact 3 Inches | 80MM POS printer that features a unique and contemporary design. It fits seamlessly in small spaces and features front exit printing at a resolution of 203 dpi for receipts. With An Impressive Print Speed Of 160mm Per Second, The EC901 Is An Essential Entry Class Printer For Users Who Value Modern Aesthetics And Are Looking For A Stylish And High Performance Printer To Suit Trendy Shops, Bars And Restaurants.
Efficient features
This thermal printer has a printing mechanism which operates at a speed of 160mm/sec.
Low Noise Levels
These thermal printers generally have reduced noise levels which make them ideal for using in several work environments.
No Cartridge Required
The printer has no cartridge requirement as it prints with the help of heat, thereby reducing printing costs.
This Everycom Thermal Printer is compatible with Windows,Linux. Thus it is compatible with a range of operating systems and is very functional.
Easy to use
It is very easy to install a paper roll into this printer with the top open feature and it also has easy functional buttons that do not create unnecessary complexity.
Versatile Connectivity: It offers both USB and LAN interfaces, providing flexibility in connecting to various POS systems or computers.
High-Speed Printing: Thermal printers like the EC-901 typically offer fast printing speeds, which can be advantageous in busy retail environments where receipts need to be printed quickly.
Auto Cutter: The auto cutter feature can enhance efficiency by automatically cutting receipts after printing, saving time for cashiers or attendants.
Compact Design: Being a thermal printer, it tends to have a more compact design compared to traditional printers, which can save space in a retail or restaurant environment.
Low Maintenance: Thermal printers generally have fewer moving parts compared to inkjet or dot matrix printers, reducing the need for maintenance and repair.
Cost of Consumables: While thermal printing is generally cost-effective, the thermal paper used for printing receipts can be more expensive compared to standard paper used in inkjet printers.
Dependency on Thermal Paper: Thermal paper can fade over time, which may affect the longevity of printed receipts. Additionally, it's sensitive to heat and light, so proper storage is essential to maintain print quality.
Limited Color Options: Thermal printers typically print in monochrome, so if color printing is necessary for your business, this may not be the best option.
Compatibility Concerns: While USB and LAN connectivity are common, compatibility issues can arise with specific POS systems or software platforms. It's essential to ensure compatibility before purchasing.
Initial Cost: Thermal POS printers can have a higher initial cost compared to some other types of receipt printers, which may be a consideration for businesses operating on a tight budget.

Special Features:
USB and LAN Interface: It offers versatile connectivity options with both USB and LAN interfaces. This allows seamless integration with various POS systems, computers, and networks, providing flexibility in deployment.
Thermal Printing Technology: Utilizing thermal printing technology, the EC-901 delivers fast and high-quality printing without the need for ink cartridges or ribbons. This results in low maintenance requirements and cost-effective operation.
80mm Printing Width: With a printing width of 80mm (3 inches), the printer can accommodate various receipt sizes commonly used in retail, hospitality, and other industries, allowing for versatile printing options.
Easy Paper Loading: The EC-901 is designed for easy paper loading, reducing downtime and improving operational efficiency, especially during peak hours.
Compatibility: It is compatible with a wide range of POS software and systems, ensuring seamless integration and compatibility with existing infrastructure.
Reliability: Everycom is known for producing reliable and durable POS printers, ensuring long-term performance and minimal downtime in demanding retail environments.
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