Barcode Label Printer Using as Receipt Invoice Printing

Can I use Barcode Label Printer as Thermal Receipt Priner?
Answer is Yes, Absolutely.
* Any Barcode Label Printer can Print Thermal Receipt.
* Check all Step by Step Settings in this Blog
* Live Video Guide Available.
* Driver Software Settings
* Printer Hardware Parts to Change...
* Lets Start...
* Part A : Use Label Printer as Receipt Priter :

* Step 1 : Open the Label Printer Cap and just remove the "Black Ribbon" Roll. We dont need it to print the Thermal Receipt.
* Step 2 : Just drop the Receipt Roll 80MM / 100MM Width Thermal Roll will fit into any label orinter.
* Step 3: Take the paper out from same grid which labels were coming out. (As shown in Video)
* Step 4 : Close the Cap of Printer & Press the Power Button ON.
Step : 5 ::: DRIVER SETTINGS ::: 
~ Go to Windows Menu > Printer & Scanners > Find Your Label Printer Icon there.
~ Right click on same printer driver & Click on "Printing Preferences"
" Click on "Page Setup"
~ Select "User Profile / Any other Paper Define"
~ Click on "Edit Button Below"
~ Select "Type" as 
"Continuous (Variable Length)"
~ Press "Apply / OK"
~ Check the Image as reference or Video

~ Now Click on 3rd TAB "Stock"
~ Now check"Media Settings"
1. Method > Select "Direct Thermal"
2. Type > Select "Continuous"

~  Your Priner is Ready to Print Receipt Now.
~ Your Printer will automatically catch the length of your invoice and as it has Thermal Head to print, it will print the receipt immediately on the thermal paper roll loaded in the tray without ribbon load.
~ You can set the darkness of Printing through "Graphic" & "Options" TAB in Same Printer Driver.
Check the Image Blow which shows Receipt Printed from label printer.

* Check the image with Receipt Print

***** Use Same Printer as Label Printer ***
* Load the Black Ribbon in to Printer Hardware
* No again go to Printer Driver
* Right Click 
* Printing Preferences
* "Page Setup"Tab
* Select the Size Required
* Press "Edit Button"
* Select "Type" As
~ "Die Cut Labels"
* Make Necessary Changes in Size Width & Height as per size of your Label
* Now to to "Stock" Tab
* Media Settings
* Method "Thermal Transfer"
* Type  "Labels With Gaps"
* Options : Drag the Darkness Aerrow as required
* Press Apply - OK. Save.
* Done.
* Your Printer is Ready to Print Barcode Label Now. Your Barcode Label has sensor near printing head, which detects the gap between labels in roll & Sets the Print Margin Automatically.
Watch Live Video How to do this 
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