Hardware Required for Garment Store Computerisation

 This blog will guide you about what to purchase for Readymade Garment Shop Billing, Inventory, Barcoding & Accounting Management Automisation.

## Hardware Required ##
1. PC / Laptop / Desktop / All in One
2. Barcode Scanner
3. Bill Printer / Barcode Label Printer

Check Below for all available Options for above Hardware with recomended configuration required to computerise your Garment Store.

Small Boutique (below 500Sq. Feet)
* Computer : Core 2 Duo or Above with 4GB RAM is Enough.
* Barcode Scanner : Handheld 1D Scanner is Enough.
* Printer : Any Laser Priner will print Barcode Label & Bill Both.

::Which Desktop/Laptop to Buy? ::
If you own small Showroom, But Billing is Very High, 
i.e. More than 100 Invoices per Day than Please Don't purcahse any Budget Computer. 
You will require to purcahse a Computer with Minimum "Core i3 Processor" with 8GB RAM and SSD / NVME Hard Disk. This will give your software enough speed even after working few years of data.
Check all Laptop / Desktop Series Range on Amazon Here

::Which Printer to Buy? ::
Selecting your Priner is a tough job. Go through all tips we are putting here with all our experience in POS Billing Industry.

1. If you are just a Start up Retail Business with Very Low Budget.. Then purchase any Low Budget Laser Printer for you. It will help you printing Invoice, Barcode Label and other required reports as well!
---------- ----------
2. If you own a Business which can efford good Budget for printing solution and require to print Invoice receipt in Speed with accurate Barcode Labels then go for any thermal barcode label printer, that will serve both purpose.
3. Obviously if you have good Budget and dont wnat hassle every time to change ribbon of label printer to use for invoice receipt, then Please Purchase seperate Thermal Receipt Printer. This will give speed in billing at POS Counter with minimum maintenance.
::Which Barcode Scanner to Buy? ::
Barcode Scanner is important POS Accessory. 
Few thing to keep in mind for which barcode Scanner will be suitable for you to Buy!

1. If you POS Billing Counter is with High Walk Ins and customers purcahse lot many SKUs at a time and come to billing counter then definately you require to scan the Barcodes on Products very fast for fast billing and clear line. 
Better you purcahse a Table Top Barcode Scanner.
2. If your Billing Counter is not much cowded then you can purcahse any Hand Held Barcode Scanner because you have enough time to scan the Product for billing. This will Lower your Budget also. 
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