How to Load Ribbons in a Barcode Label Printer?

 Blog about Loding & replacing Ribbon in any thermal Barcode Label Printer with Label Printing Guide Live Video & Personal Customized Guide.
Few FAQs :
1. What is Ribbon?
    Ribbons are used with Thermal Transfer labels (Thermal Transfer Printing) to produce an image that is compatible with a variety of environments and applications. Eg. Printing of Barcode Labels.
2. How to reload a Label Printer?
    Lift the empty roll directly upwards to remove it from the printer. Unpack the new roll and remove the holding tape. Insert the new roll as per the diagrams on the printer – directly downwards, with the paper coming over the top of the roll. Feed the new paper through the printer, and press the Feed button.

3. How to install a Label Printer Ribbon
     Open the access cover and center the printhead. Remove the old ribbon cartridge
Unpack the new ribbon cartridge and install it on the printhead Press gently on the ribbon cartridge until you feel it click into place.

Check on our Live Video for How to do this process?
1. Zenpert 4T 520 Barcode Label Priter
How to Load Ribbon? Live Video

2. TSC TE-244 Barcode Label Priter - 
How to Load Ribbon? Live Video

Almost all Barcode Label Printers have same method to load the ribbon. 
Ribbon generally comes of Black color
******** Important Detail about Ribbon ********
Ribbon generally comes in different Sizes
1. 105MM/110MM
2. 55MM / 60MM
3. 85MM
# Please choose wisely your Ribbon. First check your Label Size, & No. of Labels in one Raw, then decide which size of ribbon will be suitable for you.
Eg. if you have choosen Barcode Label of Size 75MM Width X 50MM Height.  Then 85MM Width Ribbon is sufficient. No need to purcahse 110MM Width Ribbon as it will be waste of your money & Ribbon Both.
# What's App us @ 9727955514 if you want any customized solution on this. We are available during Indian Office timings. 9.00AM to 6PM.

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